Ms. Strobel Weaves History

Trudie Strobel

Trudie Strobel was four when the Nazis came for her and her mother. During the Holocaust (also called ‘the Shoah’), Strobel’s mother used her skills as a seamstress to keep them alive. And it was this craft that saved Strobel again later in life when she had a complete breakdown due to the trauma of her childhood. Today Strobel is an embroiderer who uses art to tell her story and to educate newer generations about the tragedies of the past. This is part of a special mini series where we hear from Holocaust educators about their thoughts on Holocaust education in an age where the knowledge of the Shoah seems to be fading. 

-You can view some of Strobel’s art here.
-An index of Jewish terms can be found here.
-A transcript of this episode can be found here.

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