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  • Next Year in Jerusalem

    In this special episode, rabbis weigh in on what the phrase 'Next Year in Jerusalem' means to them.

  • Maine: Wrestling and Wandering

    Rabbi Darah Lerner talks about the Reform Movement, LGBTQ Judaism and the rights and privileges that she says come with being Jewish.

  • Utah: The Reformative Rabbi of Rome

    There are very few cities on the planet that are headquarters of major world religions. SLC is one of them. And Rabbi Sam Spector works at the biggest synagogue in town.

  • Colorado: Tradition and Change (With Altitude)

    Some came for the gold rush, others came for healing and many more have arrived in the last decade. Episode 2 focuses on the Jewish community of Denver, Colorado and Rabbi Salomon Gruenwald.

  • The Divide

    Something that struck me most about leaving Flagstaff, AZ for my around-the-country road trip was how underwhelming it was. This place had been my home for 8 years, and I […]

  • Arizona: I Met You On Sinai (And The Yellow Pages)

    Episode one focuses on Rabbi Dovie Shapiro and how he and his wife, Chaya, helped build a Jewish community in the small town of Flagstaff, Arizona.